About True Buddha Shi Cheng Association

True Buddha Shi Cheng Association was formed through the merger of Yuan Xi Tang and Redhill Chapter. Prior to this, Yuan Xi Tang was first registered as a society (REL 0289/1988) and was listed under Singapore’s local charities. Yuan Xi Tang had an eventful history which saw it relocating five times. In 2000 Yuan Xi Tang formally merged with Redhill Chapter and Grandmaster Lu bestowed the name True Buddha Shi Cheng Association. Thanks to the blessings of all, in January 2014, True Buddha Shi Cheng Association moved into its new building located at 117 Sims Avenue.

The association had its grand opening on 9th March 2004. TBSN Executive members worldwide were invited for the opening ceremony. Dharma Master Lian Zhi, together with 12 other Acharyas, reverends and Dharma Lecturers, Shifeng and Zhirong (include hyperlink to their biography), officiated the ceremony. The 12 Acharyas who attended the ceremony are: 莲宁上师,莲籍上师,莲者上师,莲悦上师,莲跷上师,莲今上师,莲花静香上师,莲花少东上师,莲祈上师,莲辕上师,常智上师及莲简上师.

Dharma instructors, Shifeng and Zhi Long went to Taiwan to meet Grandmaster Lu and beseeched Grandmaster Lu to bestow a poem for the temple. Grandmaster Lu gladly obliged and wrote the following: 狮王行者巡天下,城满信众共仰钦.