Zhi Long Dharma Lecturer

I took refuge under True Buddha Grandmaster Sheng-Yen Lu at the age of 18 and dedicated more than 20 years in propagating the dharma and acting as one of True Buddha Shi Cheng Association committee members. Following the True Buddha Vajrayana cultivation, I successfully completed the Vajrasattava four preliminary practices, guru yoga, 400 fire pujas and hundreds of thousands in mantra chanting. As a dharma lecturer, my passion is the mentorship of disciples who has newly taken refuge and guide them on the right path of Buddhist Vajrayana cultivation.

Though I hold a NUS Master of Science in Engineering, one of the great miracles from my own personal experience in True Buddha Vajra cultivation goes beyond any explanation by science. I used to have great difficulty in the Chinese language since young. Initially I was unable to even read and understand the Chinese teachings from Grandmaster Lu. However, after experiencing a miraculous dream, I was able to understand and remember clearly most of Grandmaster’s teachings! Through this miraculous event, my faith is fully strengthened in True Buddha Vajrayana and Grandmaster Lu blessings.

With more than 5 million True Buddha disciples worldwide, I sincerely believe that a real disciple is one that must remain faithful and steadfast in diligently practicing the Vajrayana pujas. A real disciple must firstly have unwavering faith to root guru grandmaster Lu, secondly be able to read and understand the full teachings on of Grandmaster Lu and finally practice the Vajrayana Pujas in a systematic and steadfast manner.

Jupiter Dharma Assistant

When I was studying in Junior College, I will regularly look for books regarding cultivation. I am especially interested in Taoism but found that most Taoist practice in Singapore is done at the surface level. Thus I turned to Buddhism to further my cultivation. I will read books on Buddhism, sutras and mantras. As fate will have it, I found two of Grandmaster Lu’s books in a bookstore near my place. When I first read Grandmaster Lu’s article, my first impression was, “Wow! This is incredible!”. As I read more of Grandmaster Lu’s writings, my respect for him grew. I wrote in to take Refuge under Grandmaster Lu while I was in the army.

After I finished my army training, I found out that there is a True Buddha Chapter in Singapore. In 2004, at the opening of True Buddha Shi Cheng Association, I arrived late for the ceremony. However, Zhi Long Dharma Lecturer spotted me and had a brief chat with me. He welcomed me to join the regular cultivation sessions at the Association. This is how my relationship with the Association started.

I slowly became more involved in the Association’s activities, such as joining the Drum section and vocal section. These has alleviated the depression I had for years and I made great recovery.

Volunteering at the Association also gave me a deeper insight about life and also established my determination to spread the Dharma to help others. I feel that the most effective way will be to formally become a Dharma Assistant, thus I joined the Dharma Assistant examination in 2013 and successful passed the test. I will put more effort in the Association and assist the two Dharma Lecturers in anyway I can. I will also gladly share any knowledge I have with others.