True Buddha Shi Cheng Association activities

True Buddha Shi Cheng Association offers a wide range of activities. These include mantra recitation, sutra recitation, discourse and discussion on sutras. The Association also provides training in chanting, and playing of religious instruments such as drums and horns. Dharma Lecturers Shi Feng and Zhi Long also provide introductory Buddhist lessons and also True Buddha School doctrine foundational courses for disciples who had newly taken Refuge.

The major events celebrated include the birthday of Grand Master Lu, the birthdays of the Eight Principal Deities of True Buddha Sect and main Buddhist festivals such as Vesak Day. In addition, True Buddha Shi Cheng Association also organizes activities such as the release of animals, Ganachakra (Feast Offering), Fire Offering Ceremonies, and assistance in funeral rites.

True Buddha Shi Cheng Association annually invites Dharma Masters from overseas for a major dharma ceremony. This aims to extend the awareness of Grand Master Lu’s True Buddha practices and allow sentient beings to come into contact with this rare and unequalled Tantric lineage.