The Sacred Name of Grandmaster Lu is:

The Western True Buddha Assembly, Maha Twin Lotus Ponds, the Eighteen Mahapadmakumaras, the Holy Revered One Robed in White, the Holy-Red-Crown-Vajra-Master, the Secret Master of the Realm of Vajra-mantra, the Great Enlightened Founder of Ling Xian True Buddha School: the Illustrious Tantrika Sheng-yen Lu

There are two reasons for Grandmaster Lu to be called the “Living Buddha”

  1. 5 million disciples worldwide address him as the “Living Buddha”
  2. Washington State (U.S.A) government presented him with an “Outstanding Citizen” award and addressed him as “Living Buddha”.

The founder of True Buddha School, Master Sheng-Yen Lu was born on the eighteenth of the fifth Lunar month, 1945, in the county of Chiayi at Taiwan. He uses the medium of writing, painting and delivering sermons to propagate the teaching of True Buddha practice. He has over 5 million disciples world-wide.

His religious background includes Christianity, Taoism, Sutrayana and Tantric Buddhism.

Grandmaster Lu has stated: I have practiced in accordance to the True Buddha Tantra in the following sequence: Four fundamentals, Guru Yoga, Personal Deity Yoga, Treasure Vase Breathing Practice, Psychic Heat, Central Passage, Opening of the Five Chakras, Bright Spot, Uncontaminated Dharma, Unrivalled Tantra and Maha Perfection and attained Flower Light Self-mastery Buddha.

Grandmaster Lu

Grandmaster Lu was a Christian when he was studying in high school. After having his divine sight activated by Jade Pond Golden Mother, he followed the instructions of Three Mountain Nine Marquis and Liao Ming the Monk (of the Taoist Ching Zhen Sect) and diligently practiced Taoism, Geomancy Sutrayana and Vajrayana Buddhism.

With full knowledge of his origins, being the White Maha Padmakumara from the Maha Twin Lotus Pond, bearing edict from Amitabha Buddha, Grandmaster Lu is a true practitioner of Tantric Buddhism. Grandmaster Lu holds lineage from Ningma, Kagyu, Sakya and Gelug schools of Tibetan Buddhism and has attained the highest fruition in those schools including The Great Perfection, Mahamudra, Lamdre, and Yamantaka Sadhana. After intense training and practice over a period of fourteen years, he became a Master of exceptional accomplishment in these disciplines and achieved Perfect Enlightenment.

Grandmaster Lu is also a prolific writer with over two hundred and fifty-three (as of April 2016) Chinese books already in print. His books have also been translated into Japanese, English, Portugese, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish and other languages. Grandmaster Lu’s paintings have also been compiled into nine volumes. His vocal sermons had been recorded into various formats and distributed world-wide.


Three-Mountain (Trikaya)

Dharmakaya (spiritual body) -Vairocana Buddha

Sambhogakaya (the body of bliss)-Locana Buddha

Nirmanakaya (the body of reincarnation)-Shakyamuni Buddha

Nine-Marquis (the nine honored ones in the eight-petaled hall of the Garbhadhatu )

  • Mahavairocana in the center – Bian Zhao Vajra (Radiating everywhere).
  • Ratnadhvaja in the East – Fu ju Vajra (Merit accumulation)
  • Kaifuhuawang in the South – Ping Deng Vajra (Equality)
  • Amitabha Buddha in the West -Qing Jing Vajra (Pure & Clean)
  • Divyadundubhimeghanirghosa in the North -Pu Dong Vajra (immovable)
  • Samatabhadra Bodhisattva in the South East- Zhen Ru Vajra (Bhutatathata)
  • Manjusri Bodhisattva in the South West – Ji Xiang Vajra (Auspicious)
  • Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva in the North West -Zheng Fa Vajra (Righteous Dharma)
  • Maitreya Bodhisattva in the North East- Xun Ji Vajra (Swift)