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响应“请佛住世,健康长寿持咒活动”,狮城雷藏寺将在每个星期日同修加唸长寿佛心咒,祈愿根本传承上师莲生活佛,身体健康,长寿吉祥! 欢迎同门一起来请佛住世! 阿弥陀佛!


本寺将开始征收准会员Associate Members! 本寺除了原有的普通会员 Ordinary Members,已在11月大法会期间,开始接受准会员Associate Members的申请。已有将近400人士参加! 如您是居住在新加坡的弟子,将可申请成为狮城雷藏寺的一份子,并享有狮城雷藏寺准会员的优先与福利。 欢迎您报名,无需会员费,附上报名表格。请填好后,可亲手交上、邮寄、电邮或传真至 地址:117 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387441 电邮: Fax: 67417436 如有任何询问,欢迎联络狮城67413438。 注: 如您有收到狮城雷藏寺的活动通告及SMS,您有在我们的通讯名单内,但还不算是准会员。 如您已是普通会员Ordinary Members,已享有会员优先与福利,不需要申请准会员。(如您有收到会员大会信件,您就是普通会员。)




Shi Cheng Association has started starting to recruit Associate Members! Other than Ordinary Members, we have started to accept application for Associate Members during the recent Nov ceremony. By far, there are close to 400 registrants. If you are residing in Singapore, you may wish to join Shi Cheng Association and enjoy the privileges and benefits of the Associate Membership. You are welcome to register, no membership fee, with the attached registration form. With the completed form, please hand-in, post, email or fax to Address:117 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387441 email: Fax: 67417436 For any enquiries, please feel free to contact tel: 67413438. Note: If you are receiving our regular activity notices and SMS, it means you are on our distribution list, but not necessary a member yet. If you are our Ordinary Member, you are already enjoying the member’s privileges and benefits; you do not need to join as Associate Member. (If you are receiving invitation for General Meetings (AGM), you are our Ordinary Member.)

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